Welcome to Department of Geography & Regional Planning
Welcome to Department of Geography & Regional Planning

Geography is the study of the earth in space and time. It considers the variability in physical and human landscapes, and the inter-relationships binding them together. Geography is a uniquely integrative subject, standing at the intersection of natural and social sciences, as well as drawing inspiration from the sciences, arts and humanities. It also teaches us a wide range of analytical and interpretative skills, including fieldwork and group work. It is an ideal platform for securing future employment, and our graduates perform very well on the job market.


To be recognise as a Department in Social Sciences, excellent in teaching and learning, research and outreach in Geography and Regional Planning as important disciplines capable of contributing to contemporary issues on the physical environment, spatial planning, population, health and development.


Significantly contribute the University of Cape Coast mission of being ‘the University of Choice in Ghana by producing high calibre educators, facilitators and researchers in Geography, Regional Planning and related areas.

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As an institution of higher learning, University of Cape Coast is embedded in a set of core values and principles subscribed to and upheld by the faculty, students, staff and the administration and which provide general guidelines towards the realization of the vision of University of Choice. These core values are;

Academic excellence: UCC has created an exciting and enviable niche in higher education in Ghana through innovative academic and high standards in intellectual enquiry. These inform and permeate all aspects of learning and are subscribed to by all students, staffs and faculty. The members of the university community strive to advance intellectual and culturally accepted inquiry.

Engagement: in furtherance of its core functions, members of UCC develop intellectually through active and reflective learning which enables engagement with the wider community, thus influencing policy for sustainable development.

Ethical and responsible behaviour: all members of the university community act honestly and responsibly, holding themselves accountable to others for their actions. In all their economic, social and political activities, staff, students and affiliate bodies of the university conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the integrity of the person and image of the university.

Equality of access to all opportunities and services: UCC is an equal opportunity institution and therefore strives to provide opportunity and access to quality education and services to all categories of person regardless of creed, race, gender, disability of all forms and social status.

Empowerment: UCC offers opportunities for staff and students to engage in critical enquiry and life-long learning meant to enhance confidence for contribution to personal and community development.

GOAL: Provide Geography and Regional Planning programme that aims at training students with critical or intellectual thinking, practical, personal and interpersonal skills coupled with strong ethics and commitment to society.


Geography affects us all. It helps us to understand many of the major issues of today, such as global warming, drought and famine, the migration of refugees or of skilled workers, the causes of unemployment, development and under-development and even why family structure is changing in the globalizing world. To do this, we must appreciate how ‘physical factors’ (climate, landforms, soils and vegetation) interact with ‘human factors’ (population, production and distribution, political power) to create a ‘Cultural Landscape’ on the earth’s surface.