Degree Type: 

Bachelor of Science


Department of Geography and Regional Planning

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

  • Empower students to develop affinity for and understanding of the increasing global inter-dependence of peoples and cultures;
  • Develop in students skills and attitudes that will enable them participate in solving the problems of their communities, countries and the world at large;
  • Enable students adapt to knowledge gained in decision-making roles in society which require local, national and international perspectives and competence;
  • Enable students achieve personal and professional growth within geographic education; and
  • Enable students to acquire skills and perspectives for life-long learning.



Entry Requirements: 

Candidates must obtain passes in Core English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies.
In addition, candidates must have passes in three (3) elective subjects including two (2) of the following:

  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Government
  • History
  • Elective Mathematics
  • Business Management


Post Diploma Candidates

HND (Mechanical Engineering) with specialization in Transport Fleet Management and a minimum of Second Class Upper Division.
Applicants should ensure that the following documents are submitted together with their Application Form;
1. A certified academic transcript showing semester-by-semester GPA and FCGPA;

2. A certified copy each of National Board for Professional and Technical Examinations (NABPTEX) Ghana Certificate and Result Slip
Applicants will be admitted to level 300

 Mature Candidates

Candidates will be required to answer questions in a General Paper and any two (2) of the following subjects: Geography, Economics, History, and Elective Mathematics/Statistics.

Career Opportunities: 

The main aim of the postgraduate programmes in Geography and Regional Planning is to provide students with the necessary tools to think critically and function independently in a globally competitive world.